Whether you’re an executive, small business owner, or a franchise owner business can be demanding. It’s challenging enough servicing your clients, managing staff and staying ahead of the competition… let alone using outdated equipment to do this.

The key is finding a finance option that best suits your needs so you can buy the right car or business equipment to improve your business. Yet, the whole process of securing car or business equipment finance can be stressful and complicated. Especially when the banks make it difficult to get a loan.

That’s what we’re passionate about… helping executives, small business owners, franchise owners and students get the right finance deal in a hassle-free way while saving money.

We care about our clients and give them the VIP treatment by providing a personalised service with fast approval.

And because we work with 10 different lenders we have the advantage to get the very best deal that suits your needs.

If you want stress-free personalised service for financial packages, fast approval that will save you time and money, then contact us today.



Car financing

At Neo Finance we offer the full range of car funding solutions. And best of all… we can help you get fast approval for up to $150,000 without seeing your financials.

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Is your equipment outdated? Is it making your business inefficient? Contact Neo Finance to upgrade your equipment and improve your productivity.

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If you want to expand your business or upgrade your existing trucks, then Neo Finance can provide you with the funding you need. We specialise in all truck types from light to heavy vehicles.

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Light Commercial

If your business needs light commercial vehicles or courier vans to improve productivity, then contact Neo Finance to get you moving.

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Air & Refrigeration

Are you a business seeking assistance to install, upgrade, maintain, or repair your Air Conditioning, Refrigeration, or Ventilation equipment? Neo Finance can help.

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Energy Solutions

We can install business or consumer grade solar, energy capture of advanced integrated solutions. Get in touch so we can organise an on-site assessment of your situation.

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Small Businesses